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images westone um pro 50 head fi forum

No, create an account now. Opening up the included carrying case reveals a very generous selection of Star Tips, one pair of medium short silicone tips on the earphones themselves, two pairs of short silicone and foam tips S,L and three pairs of long silicone tips and foams S,M,L. Btw, the new UM Pro shell design is nearly identical to AM Pro shells, being a little wider and flatter, fitting perfectly inside concha area of the ear, totally flush. Instead, the UM Pro 10 is tuned for a fairly neutral sound reproduction with just a pinch of added bass lift and a bit of middle treble relaxation to it. So I tried the UM Pro and couldn't hear a difference. Unboxing pictures. I suppose I prefer a bit of a warmer signature and try to avoid sibilance when possible - these deliver. More Items from nightmancometh Sennheiser HD The HD open, circumaural headphones prove that quality and affordability can go hand in hand UM Pros are meticulously built by a staff of dedicated artisans and lab technicians. While UM Pro 50 focuses on mid-treble, and brings out vocals closer, W60 emphasizes lower mids, while leaving upper mids clean and musical.

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  • When you demand quality, you need the Westone UM Pro The Westone Signature series, the UM Pro50 features 5 balanced armature.

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    The UM Pro Series 50 is the first signature model of the acclaimed Westone UM Series. The Signature Series brings superior sound for the.

    Westone (new) UM Pro 10 Headphone Reviews and Discussion

    Results 1 - 7 of 7 Thread by: twister6, Feb 21,replies, in forum: Portable Headphones, When you demand quality, you need the Westone UM Pro
    Rating: 4. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. The music does not sound true enough for my brain to lose itself in itit is very digital for i can say.

    Location: Los Angeles, CA. I am not a user of in-mic and remote controls and often made that clear in previous reviews but it is nice to see them modernize and take igadget and Android users into account with the MFI G2 cable.

    Westone Um Pro 50 Clear Earbuds Headphone Reviews and Discussion

    images westone um pro 50 head fi forum
    Westone um pro 50 head fi forum
    Given a full see-through plastic at that price point is not acceptable too.

    And I forgot to mention, since you said before about the soundstage size I listened for it between the W20 and UM Pro 20 and could not hear any difference. The Single There is more depth than width in terms of what little imaging it has.

    images westone um pro 50 head fi forum

    I am able to wear the inEar over my earand i do not feel obstructed or irritated that a cable hangs around my ear after my glasses.

    UM Pro 30 High performance Dual Driver in-ear Headphone The ultimate and is backed by 50+ years of experience with in-ear applications.

    The UM PRO 20 ( model) is Westone's newly revised mid-low range with the UM PRO 10 below it, and the UM PRO 30 and 50 above. Westone (new) UM Pro 10 single Balanced Armature universal fit in-ear Westone True-Fit Technology: 50+ years' experience with in-ear.
    Bass, as you would expect, is fairly tight, fast and has got good control and definition even in the sub-bass. HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook.

    Westone UM Pro 30 Headphone Reviews and Discussion

    These sound better than any IEM I ever came across. You really don't need an amp to drive these efficiently or to a full potential, and my testing was done straight out of X5, though with my Note 4 it also sounded good. Heh… it depends on what you plan to use it for and what sound signature you like… Thanks for reading and keep listening!

    images westone um pro 50 head fi forum
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    It is hard to tell whether lower mids saturation is the reason for that or not, but they do sing.

    The Soundstage was unnaturally uncomfortableprobably shifting down from a T90its not surprising. Once I have the whole set, will do overall overview of the NEW Um Pro line up will compare all of them, and probably include w60 and w The MMCX connectors were impossible to remove until I used a rubber jar opener to grip the connector on the cable and then it was easy so that's a pro tip for everyone.

    Flipping earpiece on the other side, you can see mid and high frequency BA drivers where in case of Pro 30 you have a smaller single drivers for a total of 3 drivers and larger dual BA drivers in Pro 50 for a total of 5 drivers.

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    Westone UM Pro

    I always remember Westone as doing great mids on their BA series, particularly the triple driver sets and upwards.

    That's a blessing and a curse of Head-fi. Maybe you can listen to UM Pro 50 at Hifiheadphones, @Oscar-HiFi, looks like they have it listed in. Westone Introduces the UM Pro Series IEMs With Westone True-Fit technologyWestone combines 50+ years No news no nothing. only saw about it on head- fi nia.

    images westone um pro 50 head fi forum

    and went to westone facebook page and saw this. I had a chance to review the UM Pro 10 and Alpha series a while back and my reading positive reviews of the W60 in the usual forums and blogs. on the W50 in head-fi with myself and about 3 or 4 others doing the initial.
    So as one can see, Westone is definitely a company that is experienced and has got a long tradition on its own, but is also a company that laid the foundation stone of other companies.

    Westone UM PRO Series Thread

    Originally Posted by davidcotton Heh Used my barely fortnight old um1's again at work today, this time with comply p. If you find Westone eartip you are not using and willing to sacrifice it, just cut off a piece of the stem to make a rubber spacer.

    Finally something new to compete in the current market. Show Ignored Content.

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    Is it a clear upgrade in the same direction or slight side step in terms of sound signature? Previous Next.

    images westone um pro 50 head fi forum
    Westone um pro 50 head fi forum
    The new audiophile connector makes this cable solution conveniently user-removable, upgradeable and replaceable with a number of new and current Westone cable solutions.

    I like the faceplates, it sort of reminds me of the Beyerdynamic black Custom One Pro with the add-on cup plates. Pingbacks are Off.

    The W50 IEM from Westone Headfonics

    Same, much prefer the housing of the UM Pro series. Another difference, is that Westone only provides buyers with one cable, an EPIC cable with heatshrink ear guides. But as you move from triple BA driver of UM Pro 30 to 5 BA driver config of UM Pro 50 - you start to notice a crossover into a more commercial sound tuning with an improved staging, more accurate retrieval of details, and a slightly v-shaped sound signature with a more advanced bass performance.

    images westone um pro 50 head fi forum

    Naturalness, timbre and tonal realism are where it performs really well.