Victorian convict records online

images victorian convict records online

Records can be located through the Subject Indexes located in the Search Room. The location of surviving records related to convict ancestors in Australia largely depends on where they were sent. Colonial Secretary's Office References to convicts can be found within the Colonial Secretary's Office correspondence. The following are examples of some of the many series of records created by the Convict Establishment that are available through the State Records Office: Transportation Records Forty three convict ships arrived in Western Australia between and Shows number of men engaged on various jobs each day and amounts of stone etc quarried, carted etc.

  • Online records highlight Australia's convict past ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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  • Online records highlight Australia's convict past ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Welcome to Convict Records. This website allows you to search the British Convict transportation register for convicts transported to Australia between.

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    How do I search? Convicts came to Victoria as assigned servants with private persons and as workers Space was allowed for an indication of the date upon which the convict obtained a Ticket-of-Leave, a Conditional or. Online ResourcesEdit. VictoriaEdit · Australian Convict Transportation Registers – Other Fleets & Ships, Index ($); Australia, List of Convicts with.
    Norfolk Island.

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    An index to records held in York Reference library of prisoners brought to trial at York Assizes - Topics include: Transportation to Australia - outline and detailed guide; Sources for the Great Famine s. Irish Convicts Transported to Australia. If you got a tax refund this year, and don't have any pressing bills, it's a great opportunity to get started with investing.

    images victorian convict records online
    Victorian convict records online
    This was to be the first of 43 shipments of convicts to the colony over an 18 year period.

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    Search the prison database for former prisoners who were transported to Australia. Police Department Police records can be a good source of information when tracing the movements of particular convicts. Also provides next of kin, spouse and children's names, and occasionally names of previous marriages and children in England.

    images victorian convict records online

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    You can search for them online. Convict employment records online Beattie, and form part of his collection at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

    Each of the three colonies which received convicts have separate records.

    images victorian convict records online

    Information found on the arrival record will enable you to research the convict's crime. A fully searchable online edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of Complementing this database are surname indexes of convict aliases and the victims.


    Australian Convict Collection Ancestry

    Convicts. Subject Guide to Convict Records held by the Public .
    If well-behaved after their arrival in Australia, convicts rarely served their full term.

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    If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. Convicts, both male and female, also worked for private employers such as free settlers and small land holders. Transportation of Convicts from Nottingham.

    Convict Records of Australia

    Supreme Court Criminal case files for local prisoners convicted in the Colony and sentenced to penal servitude, and for transportees reconvicted after arrival within the Colony, can be located by searching the Supreme Court Criminal Registers which are available on microfilm.

    See also further information on passenger lists.

    images victorian convict records online
    The convicts on this list were tried at Nottingham Borough Quarter Sessions Court, which tried less serious offences.

    Most female convicts were sent to 'female factories,' essentially forced labor camps, to work off their sentence. The Parkhurst apprentices, most of whom were convicted for minor crimes such as stealing, were rehabilitated at Parkhurst, with training in occupations such as carpentry, shoemaking and tailoring, and then exiled to serve out the remainder of their sentence. Devon Convicts Transported to Australia Both of these indexes are available on microfiche from the Search Room Microform Area.