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Published on Aug 10, Education in the town started even before a school was built, when a teacher was hired to teach in private homes. Timberland volunteers, in coordination with Swasey and GBeCS students, cleaned and marked trails, created outdoor classrooms, and added new flower and. All programs and classes are open to both females and males. Also at SST, the Welding Technologies students installed a banner on a concrete wall for the Health Sciences program and removed and repaired a lock for the Marketing Education program. The Enrichment Program offers evening classes for community members to learn a new skill, meet people, and have fun!

  • Superintendent's Report News Portsmouth, NH
  • SAU 16 Annual Report by Chris Allen Issuu
  • The Talon Magazine Issue 2 by Chris Allen Issuu

  • SAU 16 Schools Teacher Class Pages. Print. Staff at SAU 16 use a variety of Stratham Memorial School · Cooperative Middle School (All teams use Moodle). SAU Brentwood, Exeter, East Kingston, Kensington, Newfields, Stratham and Exeter Region Cooperative School Districts.

    images sau16 moodle ehs

    SAU 16 School District for the towns of Brentwood, East Kingston, Exeter, Kensington, Newfields and Stratham, New Hampshire.
    Students help to plan fund raisers and each year they attend an annual rally event in Boston that supports this cause. This work is now available on the KES website for public information and review.

    Current principal, Tom O'Malley, announced his retirement last year.

    images sau16 moodle ehs

    A weekly memo from the principal is distributed to the staff each week. Not all students learn the same way and at the same pace and some simply need a smaller learning environment. As technologies grow and improve every year, the skills and knowledge needed to fully utilize those technologies change.

    The ever-growing Web 2.

    images sau16 moodle ehs
    With such an extensive array of athletic talents, resources, and values, the Exeter High School name will always be associated with sports.

    Fourth graders sponsored a school-wide recycling program and can be seen cleaning the scuff marks off of the floors. Even though this figure is higher than the current rate of inflation, it will have a positive impact on proposed budgets within the SAU.

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    New England Common Assessment Program. The SAU fosters the growth of these skills and supports students in becoming a part of the Web 2.

    Superintendent's Report News Portsmouth, NH

    MacDonald's tireless efforts devoted to the children of LSS.

    Protecting the students, staff, Exeter High School and the SAU 16 District.

    2. Raising awareness of School Websites and Moodle: The use of these district- provided tools is strongly encouraged. EHS when using Facebook.

    SAU 16 Annual Report by Chris Allen Issuu

    When you set. The School Boards of SAU 16 Exeter School Board Patrick O'Day - Chair the most important success of the 11 schools EHS sponsored two blood as and Moodle are utilized by teachers to enhance. Local tax rates for the six towns within SAU 16 were set recently. for Exeter High School, several members of various EHS graduating classes.

    to use class Moodle sites and classroom newsletters to keep parents informed.
    Educational technology is a part of our program, but our success is due to the strong relationships that exist between and among our students, staff, and parents. Where chalkboards, slates, quills and benches once stood, now finds students using ipods, ipads, and writing with wikis or blogs from the many integrated technological advances. Recipient of the Blue Ribbon Award for the past fourteen years, the school and community prides itself on a well-developed partnership.

    Sprawling across 37 acres along the northwest corner of Stratham, the school building holds students in 37 classrooms. There are numerous academic programs provided each year. For the past ten years, Mrs. Seventeen years after the town acquired a charter, two schoolhouses were built.

    images sau16 moodle ehs
    Sau16 moodle ehs
    Some wide geographical area.

    Academic has supported staff members as they explored best pracareas are supported by Everyday Mathematics, the 4 tices and adopted new approaches to instruction.

    Volunteer work within the SAU 16 community is easy to find and hard to ignore. School-to-home communication websites such as Homeworknow. Schools for Schools is an international program whose branch at EHS was started by students and focuses on the re-building of schools in the war ridden nation of northern Uganda.

    The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) is an unique collaborative of schools, districts, regional, territories and state agencies, policy makers, trade.

    images sau16 moodle ehs

    use of Moodle, a course management system, to provide teachers with a more complete 75 SAU 16 Launches NH's First Statewide On-Line High School Virtual Utah has a state-led program, the Utah Electronic High School (EHS), and a. As Google Apps and Moodle LMS administrator James has conducted a variety of training sessions for different schools and supported teachers through best.
    Social Studies teacher, Bob Schur, was also honored as the well-deserved recipient of the prestigious Eustis Award for service to SAU 16 at the beginning of the school year.

    Academic has supported staff members as they explored best pracareas are supported by Everyday Mathematics, the 4 tices and adopted new approaches to instruction. The school year concluded many student and Tradeport when troops have returned to or departed staff recognitions that are indicative and symbolic of the from the states. Maintaining a strong working ing environment that fosters a life-long love of learning partnership with the parents and guardians of our stufor all with respect for individual strengths and needs.

    They also repaired a stainless steel door handle for East Kingston Elementary School.

    The Talon Magazine Issue 2 by Chris Allen Issuu

    The freshmen and Junior-Varsity teams assist players to reach the competitive and successful varsity levels.

    images sau16 moodle ehs
    Sau16 moodle ehs
    We strive to develop the environment that sure that all students begin their experiwhole child through a well-rounded fosters a life-long ence in a facility where the entire staff program, which includes challenging love of learning for values and respects each learner, the and varied activities built upon the all with respect for Main Street School is proud of its affiliacurriculum.

    From every elemendents will have beyond our lotary school to the Exeter Adult Education program and cal communities. Students in grades are eligible to enroll in Pre-Engineering.

    MacDonald's tireless efforts devoted to the children of LSS. This included sistance for needy families.