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images rutsj dr 125

With simple one-touch scanning, operation complicated tasks can now be completed in a few seconds. This would have the further effect of decreasing the value of your securities both nominally in terms of below-market coupon payments and in real value terms. Example 1: A Knock-In Event occurs. Upon the sale or other taxable disposition of a security, a U. If you are an individual, estate, or trust, you should consult with your tax advisor regarding application of the Medicare Tax to your income and gains in respect of your investment in the securities. However, if the performances of the equity securities included in each Underlying are related such that the performances of the Underlyings are correlated, then there is less likelihood that only one Underlying will cause the securities to perform poorly. Further, market volatility may adversely affect, sometimes materially, the prices at which market participants are willing to buy and sell shares of each Reference Fund. If a Trigger Event occurs, the securities will be automatically redeemed and you will be entitled to receive a cash payment equal to the principal amount of the securities you hold and the contingent coupon payable on the immediately following Contingent Coupon Payment Date. For a simple document filing solution, use CaptureOnTouch - and create searchable PDF documents that enable easy text-based search and retrieval.

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    images rutsj dr 125

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    Under Rule 15c of the Securities Exchange Act ofas amended, trades in the secondary market generally are required to settle in three business days, unless the parties to a trade expressly agree otherwise.

    Holder or 2 in the case of an individual, such individual is present in the United States for days or more in the taxable year of the sale or other disposition and certain other conditions are met. However, no such regulations have been issued despite the fact that Code section was enacted inand there can be no assurance that any regulations that may be issued would apply to securities that are issued before such regulations.

    In the event a U. The greater the expected volatility with respect to an Underlying on the Trade Date, the higher the expectation as of the Trade Date that the closing level of such Underlying could be less than its i Coupon Barrier Level on any Observation Date or ii Knock-In Level on the Valuation Date, indicating a higher expected risk of loss on the securities.

    images rutsj dr 125
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    Total Contingent Coupons. Holder will treat any coupon payment received in respect of a security as ordinary income includible in such U.

    See table below. An investment in the securities also represents a forgone opportunity to invest in an alternative asset that generates a higher real return.

    Investing in the securities involves a number of risks.

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    images rutsj dr 125

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    Certain U. As a result, under these circumstances, the market value of shares of each Reference Fund may vary substantially from the net asset value per share of such Reference Fund.

    Accordingly, it is possible that regulations or other guidance may be issued that require holders of the securities to recognize income in respect of the securities prior to receipt of any payments thereunder or sale thereof. No further payments will be made in respect of the securities.

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    You may access these documents on the SEC website at www. Any profit in connection with such hedging activities will be in addition to any other compensation that we and our affiliates receive for the sale of the securities, which creates an additional incentive to sell the securities to you. Any of these actions could adversely affect the price of the shares of each Reference Fund and consequently the value of the securities.

    images rutsj dr 125
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    Selected Risk Considerations.

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    The Price to Public of the securities includes any discounts or commissions as well as transaction costs such as expenses incurred to create, document and market the securities and the cost of hedging our risks as issuer of the securities through one or more of our affiliates which includes a projected profit. Finally, because the shares of each Reference Fund are traded on a national securities exchange and are subject to market supply and investor demand, the market value of one share of each Reference Fund may differ from the net asset value per share of such Reference Fund.

    The regulations provide that a payment includes a dividend equivalent payment whether there is an explicit or implicit reference to a dividend with respect to the underlying security.

    images rutsj dr 125

    You are urged to consult your tax advisor regarding Notice and its possible impact on you. These other factors include our internal funding rate, customary bid and ask spreads and other transaction costs, changes in market conditions and any deterioration or improvement in our creditworthiness.