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images nsync slash fanfiction archive

There is a celebration, involving cake short. A Hogwarts Christmas - there's a poodle in the Slytherin common room. So the Timberwolf just did two concerts here Sunday and Monday in a snowstorm at that. Popslash Index. Thriller Chris has a trilogy to write, so he's procrastinating. Talking it up in which Justin's unintended revelation goes somewhere mini. OTD innsync received a key to the city from Mayor Hood My students would really appreciate computers since we have none.

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  • On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries. Categories: In Progress Slash Stories Characters: JC Chasez Awards: None Genres: Celebrity/Celebrity Series: None Chapters: 2. Wordcount: - Hits: Slash (male/male) > Long Stories. All Characters, Basez, Choey, JoeC, JoLa, Joshtin, Lambs, Other, TimberTone, TimberTrick, TrickC, TrickyFish, Unknown.
    Some interesting ideas, but not always well carried out.

    Close Block. Headache - someone's pining, someone's worried, someones interrupt; an attempt to write popslash with a flavour of Georgette Heyer short. Switch In which Lance and Adam try something they haven't tried before short Photoshoot about three months after the end of Bouquet.

    Bouquet Lance was not sure he wanted to meet Adam Lambert. Unnatural Things are very much weirder than they should be, and it's frightening. Broken Lance a partial alternative point of view on the story mini.

    images nsync slash fanfiction archive
    Nsync slash fanfiction archive
    Perceptions of Reality JC's sculptures may not even be the weirdest thing about him.

    The Sprinkle Fairy When your bus-mates don't seem to have a clue, it might help to throw a little magic into the situation.

    images nsync slash fanfiction archive

    Features Reichen. Close Log in to Twitter. Warning: contains a scene of rape and violence.

    Absolute Chaos Where Reality Becomes Fiction

    Description Under characters, optional. On the one hand, incredibly hot guy, great singer, on the other hand, there was that little throwaway dig he'd made about 'celebrity-magazine bullshit' in his coming-out interview.

    Drabbles: Boyband Slash Drabble Exchange Archive Emerald Cove: Fanfic Archive Eminem/*NSync: Slim Slash Bedroom Eyes - *NSYNC Slash Fiction.

    This is the new home of Zaen's Nsync Fan Fiction. JOIN ZAEN. NC JC/ Justin. A tribute to the use of *Nsync slash clichés. You know what I mean. I'm guilty. Nsync-Fiction: The Archive. K likes. Home of the *NSYNC fanfiction Archive.
    So does Brian. Liar in which Lance tells a lie that Justin can't exactly argue with mini.

    I got in trouble for filling up the hard drive with Nsync pictures.

    *NSYNC Fiction the archive

    Roped in which Justin is learning to be a cowboy, and Kevin provides the incentive mini. Out-takes: Acacia and Pink Hyacinth; little extras, one of which features a gorilla, because I couldn't quite bring myself to stop writing it.

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    Catch up instantly on the best stories happening as they unfold.

    images nsync slash fanfiction archive
    Nsync slash fanfiction archive
    It Pays to Advertise revised version Lou Pearlman's advertising agency isn't a bad place to work. Pretty much everything.

    images nsync slash fanfiction archive

    Might be tangentially relevant to your interests Wyatt and Chris are not brothers in this fic. Thirteen Years and Counting - a reunion fic, featuring Larry King long.

    Alternative Popslash Index

    So does Brian. There has to be a reason.

    'N Sync slash fan-fiction by 'NSyncGrrl. This is the only archive of my 'N Sync slash fiction. There should be NO other archived versions of these stories posted. As people are posting fic recs I'll toss in my two cents This first rec, for an author, is all Joshtin slash but they are generally well written and. Bedroom Eyes - NSYNC Slash Fiction: Liz · Cute Boys//Bad Entwined Souls: The JC/Justin Archive · Ghetto: JuC Fic Recs: Alphabetical by Story · JuC Fic.
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    Out-take: Ring, ring-a ling-a In which Lance arranges a small gift for Adam. Consider yourself warned. Pink Elephants - there's an elephant on the bus.

    Boyband and RPS Slash Links

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    images nsync slash fanfiction archive
    Generally even the nice fics which focus more on the guys friendships, tend to be emotionally shallow.

    Invisible It's time for AJ to wake up.

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    Definitely dub-con. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Hair The Sphynkter concert was awesome, but afterwards, Nick wants more.