Konovalova tatiana cigars

images konovalova tatiana cigars

I might try others if they were available in the same sizes but find there are not many to choose from. Kristen M. Keith R. Flavor is very good, but quality has me concerned. Thanh P. I like the rum tatianas better then the Tatiana robusto and the price also. Thanks for such great cigars! She didn't like medium cigars I have.

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  • Tatiana Cigars the best flavored cigars in the world. Crafted from high quality Dominican tobacco and expertly flavored for the perfect taste and aroma.

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    Items 1 - 20 of 50 Tatiana is quickly becoming the new queen of premium-flavored cigars. These little devils are handmade in the Dominican Republic, choice Cuban-seed Dominican fillers are draped in an Indonesian wrapper then gently infused with a variety of very yummy flavors. This is a wonderful. The attractive packaging and enticing flavors like Tatiana vanilla cigars and groovy blue cigars, make these flavored blends a great change of pace.

    The taste is.
    Very enjoyable!!

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    Basically a bottom shelf cigar but if you put all the fancy pleasures of fine cigars aside these are really tasty and super affordable. Jim M. Tatiana Classic Groovy Blue cigars are take smooth Dominican tobacco and blend it with a….

    I have only had a couple but the humidor just burst with flavor when I open it.

    Tatiana Premium Flavored Cigars

    images konovalova tatiana cigars
    You can smell a hint of cinnamon however there is no taste of cinnamon when you smoke it. I was so pleased that the Tatiana tasted like honey every time I put it to my mouth.

    Paul S. Joe M. A good smoking cigar. Would purchase again.

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    Tatiana MegaSampler Cigars International

    Tamella Konovalova @tamella_k Tatiana USSA GIRARDI @tatianaugirardi.
    Keith F. Daniel r. Perfect for a novice like me. So I purchased them also. Will probably include it in her next order. Always click the product button to confirm prices and availability due to market changes and product demand.

    Great way to taste and try them all.

    images konovalova tatiana cigars
    Reflexe h de hoffman
    I like this cigar.

    images konovalova tatiana cigars

    Always click the product button to confirm prices and availability due to market changes and product demand. I have friends that don't really like cigars and these are great for them because its just sweet flavor and I don't have to hand over an expensive cigar to someone who might smoke half or not even like it.

    Light cigar but over all great. Luis L.

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    Tatiana Flavored Cigars Cigars International

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    images konovalova tatiana cigars

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    Overall a great deal. I admit it, I enjoy a flavored-cigar, and I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor and aroma of these Tatianas.

    images konovalova tatiana cigars

    Tried it first from a local shop and now buy it by the box from here for a spectacular price. They were smooth, good flavor, and well constructed. I don't recommend them for the price.

    Show cigar size. DAN B.

    images konovalova tatiana cigars
    Great price, great deal, great product for the ones who like flavors.

    I still think it's a bit overpriced. Highly recommended! Timothy I. Greg W.