Canal corporation layoffs

images canal corporation layoffs

CSEA and the Canal Corporation are parties to a collectively negotiated agreement hereinafter "Agreement" which expired on June 30, The letter also specifically stated "Beginning inthe Authority has reached out frequently to your union representatives and urged them to partner with us to address these fiscal issues. Laura Carson. Massachusetts Mutual, F. Emiaj Francinne Mendoza.

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  • Canal Corp IPC Layoff Negotiation
  • CSEA sues Thruway Authority, Canal Corp. over layoffs
  • Canal Corp IPC Layoff Negotiation

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    The New York Thruway Authority's decision to layoff staff as part of a strategy to address its financial predicament includes the loss of We all read last week about the New York State Thruway Authority laying off full-time employees and the state Canal Corp.

    laying off 42 full-time employees statewide. What was not reported was that the majority of the 42 employees being laid off at the Canal Corp. are full. Thruway Authority and Canal Corp.

    Canal Plus to Cut Nearly 20 of Workforce in France – Variety

    layoffs taking their toll. As anticipated, the Canal Corp.

    images canal corporation layoffs

    on Tuesday announced a drastically reduced operating schedule for .
    Name If employee organization, give full name, including any affiliation and local name and number : Civil Service Employees Association, Inc. Syracuse mayor, police chief issue state on forceful arrest caught on video. Samuel Rines. Telephone Number: 3. More From The Post-Standard.

    images canal corporation layoffs
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    Canal Corp IPC Layoff Negotiation

    Deb Raj Limbu. Executive Director Madison's letters and emails in effect informs unionized Canal Corporation employees, including those represented by CSEA, that because they exercised their legal and contractual right to negotiate, they are being singled out among Canal Corporation workers for significant layoffs. Emma jons. Brenda Wijaya.

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    CSEA sues Thruway Authority, Canal Corp. over layoffs. Wires Published p.m. ET Aug. 5, | Updated p.m. ET Aug.

    images canal corporation layoffs

    5, The state's largest public employees union filed federal lawsuits Monday against the state Thruway Authority and. Canal Corp IPC - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

    CSEA sues Thruway Authority, Canal Corp. over layoffs

    CSEA claims its members were unfairly targeted in recent layoffs.
    CSEA claims its members were unfairly targeted in recent layoffs. Lydia Kirby. Flag for inappropriate content. The charging party is available immediately to participate in a pre-hearing conference and a formal hearing. General Counsel Subscribed and sworn to before me this day of April,

    images canal corporation layoffs
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    The letter went on to state "[i]fwe are not able to reach an agreement by April 3rd, the layoffs will occur and we will manage any impacts to ensure safe and reliable Thruway and Canal operations.

    Canal Corp IPC Layoff Negotiation

    On information and belief, only unionized employees were laid off or are slated for layoff and no encumbered non-union positions are scheduled to be abolished. Danijel Golubovic. Myint Franco. The Post-Standard. Therefore, CSEA Unit employees are being deliberately coerced and interfered with in the exercise of their rights guaranteed in Section of the Act for the purpose of depriving them of those rights.